XPRESS | Flower Series Necklace

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Month | Color:

This stainless steel 14K plated necklace is a reminder of the symbolism of yours or a special someone's birth month. Wear it as a reminder of the special month in your life.


  • Metals Type: 14K Plated Stainless Steel
  • Pendant Size: 13 mm
  • Length: 48 + 8 cm
 Month Flower Symbolism
January Carnation Admiration, love, hope and rebirth
February Violet Modesty, faithfulness and Young love
March Cherry Blossom New beginnings and prosperity
April Daisy Purity, innocence and Blissful pleasure
May Lily Sweetness, motherhood and Hope
June Rose Romance and Happiness
July Lotus Positivity, dignity and Purity
August Poppy Strength of character and Imagination
September Peony Love, affection, Unrequited love and mortality
October Marigold Creativity, passion, Peace, and tranquility
November Chrysanthemum  Loyalty and honesty
December Holly Hope, wealth, Protection and defense